workshop 2017 – CFA

midweSTS 2017 Call for Abstracts

LOCATION: Indiana University, Bloomington IN
DATES: Friday, Sept. 29th – Sunday, Oct. 1st


midweSTS invites graduate student submissions for a 3-day workshop addressing themes in critical, decolonial, feminist, anti-racist, transnational, queer, and ecological potentials in science and technology studies, as well as critical doing/making and design studies. We invite work engaging in the politics of creation and political intervention, as well as scholars working in the regional in-between that gets called “Midwest,” including the Great Lakes region; lands variously territorialized by histories of settler colonialism, indigenous presence and practice, industrialism and its alternatives, black technocultures, migrant makings, and visible and invisible genealogies of innovation. It’s a region that today is often positioned as a deindustrial periphery despite its lively and ongoing technoscientifc and political innovations, experimentations, and solidarities. This event, which is the second annual midweSTS Graduate Workshop, gathers together the exciting critical work being created in this region and aims towards building stronger networks and communities between emerging scholars and researchers.

We welcome 500-700 word proposals for a variety of formats – from dissertation-based projects and standard talks to hands-on workshops and interdisciplinary demos. Those proposing traditional presentations may assemble a pre-formed panel presentation of 3-4 papers, or submit abstracts as an open call to be gathered into panels. Proposals should include:

  • A description of the content and style of your presentation
  • A short biography elaborating on your background and your interest in participating
  • 5 keywords, concepts, or themes that your project can be tagged by
  • Panel proposals should include a brief rationale for the panel including panelist biographies, as well as full abstracts for each paper, in a single PDF

Hands-on workshops will be limited to 35 minutes and presentations and demos to approximately 20 minutes each. Basic supplies will be offered on site. If you have special needs (such as whiteboards, paper, creative tools, an open space, etc.) for your proposed session please note this in your proposal.

Free housing with local grad students is available on a first come first served basis.

Please submit your proposal as a PDF to: by our deadline of: Friday, June 16th, 2017


If you have questions, please contact the organizers at, with a copy to

The submission period for proposals has closed. Workshop registration is currently open. Registration this year has an early and late period, as well as different rates to accommodate graduate students who would benefit from a reduced registration fee. The early registration ends Sept. 16 at 11:30pm, and late registration runs from Sept. 17 at 12:00am – Sept. 30 at 6pm. Reduced registration fees close on September 30 at 6pm. If you have any questions or concerns about the cost of attendance, please email us. Registration link for the event is here.