Workshop 2016

We were thrilled to have hosted the first of a series of events — The MidweSTS 2016 Graduate Student Workshop — that brought together scholars across disciplines and institutions whose work connects with critical computing, STS, digital studies, media studies, and making. We gathered for a mix of student presentations and panels, faculty-facilitated conversations, city/nature walks, off-site visits to relevant Chicago sites, “hands-on” sessions, and demos – with room for networking, mentorship, and community building.

You can see photos from the event here.

And here were the site/date details on the past event:

When: September 16-17, 2016
Where: Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois
IIT Downtown Campus, 565 W. Adams Street 

ee the Program here.


Friday, Sept. 16th
Registration, Welcome Event and Coffee Breaks
7th Fl., Institute of Design, 565 W. Adams St.

Presentations and Workshops
5th Fl. Classrooms, 565 W. Adams St.

Saturday, Sept. 17th
Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee Breaks and Closing Event
10th Fl., Morris Hall, 565 W. Adams St.

Presentations and Workshops
5th Fl., Classrooms, 565 W. Adams St.


Many thanks to our sponsors:

 Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design and Lewis College of Human SciencesUniversity of Michigan School of Information, University of Michigan Science, Technology and Society (STS) Program and University of Wisconsin, Madison’s Robert F. and Jean E. Holtz Center for Science & Technology Studies.


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2016 Programming Committee: Shaowen Bardzell, Anita Chan, Laura Forlano, Marie Hicks, Silvia Lindtner, Michelle Murphy, Nicole Nelson, Selma Sabanovic.

2016 Logistics Committee: Anita Chan, Laura Forlano, Silvia Lindtner, Jerome McDonough, Zizi Papacharissi, and Phoebe Sengers.